Ayrshire Meadows Flower, Herb & Seed Seasoning Mini - by Uncle Roy's


Uncle Roy's Ayrshire Meadows Flower, Herb & Seed Seasoning Mini Hex Jar

A perfect little gift 10g / 0.35oz  of the amazing Ayrshire Meadows in Mini Hexagonal glass jar.

Our unique blend of Flower Petals, Herbs, Seaweeds, Seeds and Sea Salt adds colour and flavouring to almost anything!

Why not - Rub into a roast or poultry before cooking, or sprinkle over roasting vegetables or BBQ meats.... Marinate fish with it... Sprinkle over salad, meats, fish, or vegetables when serving.... Incorporate into pastry, mashed vegetables, coleslaw, sauces, dressings or sour cream..... Uncle Roy's son puts it on his popcorn - and Paul Young rolls chocolate truffles in it!  


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