Natural Extract Peppermint


NEW from Uncle Roy's, our range of Natural Extracts come in handy 25ml bottles with a pipette dispenser for ease of use and larger food grade plastic containers for the keen baker! 

Our Peppermint Extract will add an intense flavour to cakes, bakes, ice creams and puddings or anywhere a juicy burst of flavour is needed.

Add a few drops to taste or use according to your recipe for great results every time! The dosage required will depend on the base product i.e. you will need less extract to experience the taste in a sponge compared to a full fruit cake. 

Ingredients: Natural Flavour, Ethanol

Uncle Roy has been creating premium quality flavours for over 20 years and is the preferred brand for top chefs, master bakers and chocolatiers.

We use only the finest natural ingredients to deliver the finest quality natural extracts and flavours.

Extracts are manufactured by taking the basic raw material and soaking in either oil or ethanol and often water for a more stable, longer lasting flavour. Due to this process they are not suitable for adding to water based drinks so in order to create your new amazing flavoured beverage try any superb Essence Flavour from our huge range.

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