Katy Sue Sea Monster Tentacles Mould


Use this brand new mould to create lifelike sea monsters and octopuses with the incredibly detailed suckers and scaled skin. It's perfect for under-the-sea themed cakes, mermaid bakes and other nautical cake designs.

The mould can be used with sugarpaste, modelling paste, flower paste, marzipan, chocolate, candy, boiled sugar and more. It can also be used for non-edible mediums e.g. polymer clay, salt dough, cold porcelain etc.

For best results, wash and dry moulds well before use and lightly dust with cornflour to ease release. Keeping mould on a flat firm surface, push in a smooth ball of paste. Press paste evenly and firmly into the mould without overfilling. Use a rolling pin and apply even pressure to ensure all areas are full and the base is flat. Scrape away any excess paste then push paste away from the edges so that you get a clean release. Turn over mould and release paste embellishment gently onto a clean surface.

The mould is dishwasher safe and tolerant of temperatures of up to 200°c. 

Approximate Measurements:
Mould - H 12cm x W 11cm x D 1.5cm
Large Tentacle - H 8.8cm x W 4.8cm x D 1.4cm
Small Tentacle - H 6.7cm x W 3.6cm x D 1.1cm

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