Magic Colours Cake Drip - Pink - 100g


Create easy yet elegant drip finishes on your cakes with this brand new drip icing from Magic Colours.

It may seem easy to create a drip effect but it's much harder than it looks, especially when you have to melt the chocolate, whip up the ganache and perfect the consistency. Get this wrong and it could be a recipe for disaster! With Magic Colours' Icing Drip, no longer must you suffer the inconvenience of messy melted chocolate or the time-consuming task of painting over ganache. 

These drips ensure a quick, easy and flawless drip effect for your cake tiers. It's ready as soon as it arrives and comes in a handy squeezy bottle for easy and mess-free application. It's also superb for drizzling if you're looking to add a touch of extra glamour to cupcake and cookies.

Collections: Sugarpaste & Icings

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