Ombre Pink Balloon Wall Decoration - Stargazer - Ginger Ray

SG -118

A standout addition to our new Stargazer range and one to be a great addition to any party, our ombre pink balloon wall will be a focal point at any celebration.

Our great balloon wall is sure to get your guests talking and will be a great addition when decorating your venue.

Our balloon wall has 210 balloons which consists of;

Dark Pink: 40 x 10 inch & 25 x 5 inch
Hot Pink : 10 x 10 inch & 5 x 5 inch
Pink : 25 x 10 inch & 20 x 5 inch
Peach Pink : 15 x 10 inch & 5 x 5 inch
Light Pink : 40 x 10 inch & 25 x 5 inch
Small Mesh net 2m x 2m
60 glue dots
5m of clear string

The Balloon wall kit comes with all components to assemble at home including net and glue dots. The wall measures 200cm W x 200cm H

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