Rabbie Burns Haggis Hamper - A Taste of Scotland


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It happens to us all – you sit down to write a Christmas list and that perfect gift evades you… Here to help you fill in those blanks, We've put together a fabulous hamper to celebrate the famous Scottish Haggis and the traditional Burns Supper.

Beautifully arranged in an attractive hamper basket are  2 of our bestselling sauces and a haggis which all complement each other perfectly.  Whatever Scotland means to your friends and family – this foodie gift is sure to appeal, and what fantastic value it is too!

Uncle Roy has developed his Rabbie's Range using the finest ingredients and age old recipes to evoke the true taste of Ayrshire - they really are Hand Made with Love !

Our products are Handmade in small batches in the rolling hills of the Ayrshire Countryside in the shadow of Historic Burns Cottage and overlooking the world famous Brig o' Doon the setting for Burns Tam o' Shanter Poem.


Hamper contains:

1 x Rabbies Haggis Sauce, 

Uncle Roy approached this challenge with vigour... Fed up with rich creamy sauces being used as a Haggis Sauce Uncle Roy set about developing 'The Perfect Haggis Sauce' which would compliment his Haggis.

After years of researching old Scottish recipes and endless hours of trial and error with a 17th Century Ayrshire recipe and Uncle Roy has made the perfect haggis sauce.

Made with Redcurrants, Horseradish & Malt Whisky this Haggis Sauce is also perfect with Meat.

Uncle Roy is also known to have a big dollop on his Cheese Board and Meat Sandwiches. 

215g Jar/7.6 fl-oz

1 x Rabbies Burnie Mustard

Our biggest selling mustard of all time, this Gold Great Taste Award Winner will become your go-to condiment for Meat, Cheese and Poultry.

Made with Garlic, Chilli and Paprika this award winning mustard will have you hooked from day one.

Uncle Roy spreads it on his Cheese & Toast for the perfect Ayrshire Rarebit.

In 2014 Uncle Roy entered this amazing mustard into the USA Hot Sauce Awards, and guess what... It was awarded Champion!

Need we say more...

190g Jar/6.7 Fl Oz

1 x Scotch Haggis

Scotch Haggis

Our Scotch haggis is the traditional Stahly haggis made from the original Stahly family recipe.  As with the very origins of the haggis itself, the Stahly haggis has been adapted, improved and developed over the years while retaining its original charm.

It is made in Scotland from a blend of the finest lamb, oatmeal and seasoning. Stahly Quality Foods’ Traditional Scotch haggis is our most popular choice for a great tasting, traditional haggis.

Net Weight 410g

Drained weight 232g