Spectrum Flow 05 Light Pores Skin Tone Airbrush Paint - 45 ml


Get realistic flesh tones on your cakes, toppers and figures using the Spectrum Flow Light Skin Tone Colours.

The spectrum flow skin tone range works as a series of layers to produce a realistic and intricate skin tone effect for use with human models and figures. It can also be used to paint tiny detailed areas and all 5 colours in the set can be used to achieve the skin tone effect as well as using or complementing the look using other colours from the spectrum flow range.

Created by the Bake King Ben Cullen, the skin tone airbrush colours are ideal for getting a range of different finishes on your figures and models to make them look lifelike. Before you may have had to mix your own colours and shades which can be very time consuming to get exactly right, but with the Spectrum Flow Skin Tone range, the colours have already been made for you in a system that allows you to build layers and create your very own customised faces, features and skin tones in no time at all. The Skin Tone range gives expert cake artists the freedom to experiment whilst giving novice decorators a helping hand in creating a professional looking cake figure.

How the Skin Tone Colours Work: Used as the very first layer, the #01 Light Pores paint can be added to your model and then, using a scrunched up piece of tinfoil, gently wiped off, leaving the paint on the model where the creases in the tinfoil have been.

Next add the #02 Light Base coat. If you are after a flawless finish rather than a more lifelike look, you can use this paint first, without the #01 Light Pores paint.

You can then add the #03 Light Build Up paint to darken certain areas and bring additional colour to your figure.

If your model is wearing makeup, you can then use the #04 Light Blush paint to add these details whilst maintaining that overall authentic skin tone.

As a finishing touch, you can add the #05 Light Shadow paint. This is perfect for adding shadowing around the nose, eyes and cheeks that adds definition to your figure and brings the whole thing to life!

The Skin Tone Airbrush Paints are ethanol based, so are easy to layer like the other Spectrum Flow ethanol paints and can be used on a huge range of decorating mediums including: Sugarpaste, modelling paste, chocolate, modelling chocolate, flower paste, marzipan and many more, as well as some non-edible materials. Good to Know: The paint has a matt finish.

Boxed 1, 45ml

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