Simply Making Sugarpaste Rolling Mat (Large ) 770mm x 770mm


This two-sheet, non-stick mat revolutionises rolling out and covering cakes with sugarpaste. Unlike your standard rolling mat, this mat has two non-stick sheets - a base sheet, where the sugarpaste is placed ready to roll out, and a top sheet which is placed over your paste, sandwiching the sugarpaste between the two. The top sheet has printed measurement guides so you know exactly where to roll your sugarpaste out to, leaving you with more accurate results and less waste! The bottom sheet also has a handy key that shows you what size you should roll out your sugarpaste, and how much sugarpaste you will need for your project, letting you start your cakey project full of confidence !

To clean, wash by hand in warm soapy water.

✔ Food-safe
✔ High durability
✔ High-quality PVC

Not suitable for ovens.
Keep away from flames.
Do not use a knife or abrasive objects on the mat.  

1. Lay out the bottom sheet on a large, flat surface.
2. Knead sugarpaste and place in the centre of the mat.
3. Place the top sheet over the top, making sure to line up the sides evenly.
4. Roll out the sugarpaste to the desired size, then carefully peel off the top sheet.
5. Pick up the bottom mat with the icing still on it, and place it face down onto your cake.
6. Smooth edges and remove excess as normal.


Large: 770mm x 770mm (suitable for up to 20” cake)

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