Stef's Flavourings

Stef’s Flavour Boosts come in a wide selection of natural flavours and are designed to be added to any food or drink to intensify the natural flavour.

Our flavours, made in the UK, are high strength professional grade natural flavourings.

They contain no allergens or added sugar or salt, most do not contain alcohol and all are suitable for VEGANS and are NUT FREE.

Check out below our current range of delicious flavours available in sizes 25 ml - 5 Litres  and keep checking in as we have lots of exciting new flavours in development 

There’s never an exact science regarding how much to use, the best guide is always trial and error, however you’ll usually find that roughly 5 or 6 drops is equivalent to 1 teaspoon of fresh ingredients.

If you need specific information regarding an allergy please get in touch with us at

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