Topsy Turvy Round Cake Pan - PME - 8 INCHES


A concept that began as a trend and is now considered a classic fun design. The easy way to create a cake that plays with the senses and is ideal for a wide variety of Classic, Fun, Quirky and Themed cakes. Made in the same way as the professional bakeware range from PME with Anodised Aluminium for that superior bake.

These cake tins take your cake creations to a whole new level! Cleverly designed with a specially placed 'leg' to keep your cakes even, you can make the perfect Topsy Turvy cake! No more carving! 

Available in 3 sizes 6inch, 8 inch and 10inch

Depth Graduation 2.5” (60mm) - 4”(102mm)

Can be used as a single-tier or stacked cake

Packed with a label attached inside the pan

Text in five languages: English, French, Spanish, German & Dutch

Made from Seamless Anodised Aluminium for its superior baking qualities.

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